Offering examples

Let’s explore the role of bhakti in the offering process by looking at some examples.

Example 1: Someone likes onions and so wants to offer Krishna an onion pakora even though he knows Srila Prabhupada  instructed us not to offer onions to Krishna. Is this bhakti?

Example 2: Mr Green likes sandesh. His guru told him to offer all his food. When he is offering sandesh he is thinking “I am am going to enjoy this once it’s offered.” Is that bhakti?

Example 3: An example the support our main points. For Krishna, favorable, according to Parampara, no selfish sense grat or philosophical speculation.

A devotee doing his regular service wishes he was doing something else.

To help us analyse these examples let’s see what Srila Prabhupada  and Rupa Goswami say about bhakti.